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What to look for (Target, Walmart or Camera Supply Store) NiMh AA Batteries (3 required per set – most are supplied in sets of 4). Has been cleaned. I choose to not buy the ear muffs at this time as I am very content with ear plugs. I may have had some when I bought the mask a year ago, but don&39;t recall seeing them.

The quality of the seal is moot. Audible low battery warning. Respiratory Product TREND AIRSHIELD PRO Instructions Manual. Trend Airshield Pro Battery Conversion My Airshield’s battery has let me down once again it’s the second I’ve had and at £45 each I wasn’t too happy and it seems it’s a common problem that the batteries die over a matter of months mine has lasted about a year and now dies after about half an hour on a full charge. The Airshield Pro protects the users eyes and face from small debris such as wood particles or CONTENTS wood shavings. We are offering the popular Trend Airshield Pro with some of the most popular replacement parts at a special discounted price. Battery powered respirator for use with all woodworking applications.

Approved to European standard BS EN 12941TH2P-S. The battery pack must be initially charged for 24 hours 3. · TREND Airshield PRO Faceshield Dust Protector with Manual and Charger - Works. The Trend Airshield Pro air-circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust with twin fine dust filters. Woodworkers, especially for routing and woodturning. · The AirShield Pro can also integrate ear muffs into the helmet. The trend airshield pro filters up to 98%, and offers a flow of 5. Face shield plastic has some markings (see pictures).

I was just reading where a user used a cell phone power bank to run the trend Airshield pro via a usb cable that terminated inside the battery pack with the cells removed. Anyone needing protection from dusty environments: Agricultural, Mowing, Sweeping, Grinding, etc. Included in the Airshield Pro Box. Twin filters with efficiency of 98% more than double the Airshield MK1.

The face seal is comfortable, and adheres to your full face. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Trend Airshield PRO. The Airshield is a lightweight Powered Respirator intended for protection against all solid dusts. New features include: Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection. It’s designed to provide impact resistance with its Z87. The least expensive comparable unit I have found is the 3M Versaflo that costs almost ,400.

The more we learn about long term exposure to airborne wood dust, the more important powered respirators become. We will continue to stock the replacement parts, as long as the manufacturer has them available. Even with the best dust collection setups, certain operations create unrecoverable dust, which gets into the air and eventually ends up in your lungs. This is a review of the Trend Airshield Pro. New filters will continue to protect your lungs from dangerous airborne dust while turning or routing. 4 out of 5 stars 54. · In the user manual itself, you’re told that the Airshield Pro “is not a respirator” and is not a “NIOSH approved device.

Read this manual before using the Airshield Pro. What is the airshield pro? For use with the Trend® AirShield Pro only. Suitable for use when machining MDF, woodturning etc. Didn&39;t think these were going to fit at first, but then spotted in the manual that there were supposed to be two brackets supplied with the Trend Air Shield airshield pro manual Pro that fit the sides of the mask and then the ear defenders lock into them. What is Air Pro battery? The package includes 1 Trend Airshield Pro, 1-8 hour battery & battery charger, 1 set of 2 main filters installed, 1 set of 2 replacement main filters, 1 extra 8 hour battery, 1 battery cradle for external charging of the extra battery pack, and one package of 10 of. The TREND AIRSHIELD PRO is not a RESPIRATOR nor a NIOSH approved device.

Trend Airshield Pro 8-hour Ni-MH. The AIr/Pro has been Approved to new standard BS EN 12941. The Airshield pro comes with a removable 8 hour NiMH Battery for trouble free use. Battery has been tested airshield pro manual and holds a charge. Page 3: Suitability For Use This visor must be used strictly in accordance Warning with these instructions. The Trend Airshield Pro is excellent for Hobbyists, agricultural workers, woodworkers and others looking for clean air to breath when protecting against particulate matter and contaminants like grain dust, pollens, molds, spores and other airborne particles. The Airshield is powered by either one or two rechargeable battery packs inside the respirator.

INTRODUCTION The Airshield Pro (AIR/PRO) is a lightweight powered unit intended for full eye and face protection from solid dust, impact and chemical liquid splash. Trend AIR/PRO Face Shield 1 x Pair THP 2 fine filters 1 x 8 hour battery 1 x battery rechargable charger 1 x Carry bag 1 x Clear visor overlay 1 x Airflow indicator Product Reference: U*AIR/PRO Features: • Suitable for use when machining MDF • Approved to new European standard BS EN 12941 • Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection. I have a full beard and this feature works fantastic for me. ” It adds that the filter “will not protect your lungs. If your looking to protect your face and lungs, take a look at this review as the Airshield Pro is a great produ. The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of harmful dust with twin fine dust filters. It must be fitted and used in accordance with this manual to obtain the design performance.

The Trend® Airshield Pro is the latest generation powered respirator and face protector. View online Instructions manual for TREND AIRSHIELD PRO Respiratory Product or simply click Download button to examine the TREND AIRSHIELD PRO guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. It does include a Li-Ion battery, though. Features include:Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection. The full face Airshield Pro mask has its own ventilator which filters the surrounding air and provides you with a clear and filtered one which creates positive pressure in the mask fully protecting you from dust and fumes. Following instructions provided in the units manual fit battery and replace cover 4.

Trend AIR/PRO Airshield Pro Respirator and Face Shield Protection, airshield pro manual 240V. Trend Airshield Pro Visor Overlays - 10 Pack . This filter will not protect your lungs against harmful vapors or toxic fumes. Well taken care of. Shop now: Trend Battery powered, air circulating face shield for use with all woodworking applications. 1+ rated polycarbonate visor and circulate fresh, filtered air at the same time. The Airshield Pro protects the users eyes and face from small debris such as wood particles or wood shavings. This filter will not protect your lungs against harmful dust/vapors or toxic fumes.

Trend AIR PRO Airshield Pro Respirator Kit With 8hr Battery Suitable for use when machining MDF. Air circulating face shield (22 pages) Summary of Contents for TREND AIRSHIELD. This is combined with full eye and face protection from impact and chemical liquid splash. Use as part of your maintenance programme. I use the Trend Airshield pro. Take an in-depth look at the Trend Airshield Pro and its accessories. The Trend AirShield Pro falls into a class of protection equipment referred to as PAPR, or Powered Air Purifying Respirator. This protective mask is great for face and head protection and filters particulates down to 0.

Twin filters with efficiency of 98%, more than double the Airshield MK1. There is competition. Protect your lungs and face during virtually any woodworking task with the air-circulating Trend® Airshield Pro with 10 pieces of Visor Overlays! See more results. However, it is nice that Trend has built in the ability to attach ear muffs directly to the helmet.

The Trend Airshield was discontinued in March of. 3 microns in size at a 98-percent efficiency rate, this comfortable shield features a built-in fan that circulates filtered air to. In this packet, I provide the sources and procedures to build the pack itself.

I’m going to try this on the my wife’s trend airshield. 1 x Airshield Pro Storage / Carry Bag - WP-AIR/P/6. With the Pro model, the battery and motor sit in a more comfortable position relieving fatigue. Misuse may result in sickness or death. Suitable for all kinds of jobs in your workshop from grinding, routing, cutting, painting or staining. Besides bladesmithing, I use it for all my wood turning of exotic hardwoods as well. The Trend airshield pro manual Airshield Pro is ideal for.

The Airshield Pro has an adjustable headband and concussion cradle, ensuring a comfortable fit for most head sizes. As the batteries are replaceable, I will leave the shopping for that part up to you. Suitable for use when machining MDF. Filters have been used but still have some life in them (pictured). It will protect you 100% or as much as the intake filter filters down to. Trend Airshield Pro.

Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noise and irritation. It brings air in and blows it out around the seal. Keep your Trend® AirShield Pro Respirator working efficiently by replacing its filters regularly. 3 microns for increased respiratory defense at an efficiency of 98%. Safe use of the JSP Airshield Pro helmet PAPR: 1. Perform visual inspection of the unit 5. The filtration system of the Trend Airshield Pro allows the routing of MDF and other man-made boards as well as natural timbers. Excellent protection for the face and lungs is achieved by several key features.

For proper use, read instruction manual. Trend Airshield Pro Replacement Filters . ” Safety should always be your prime concern in the workshop so buy this device fully aware of its limitations as well as its many upsides.

Designed to protect users from harmful dust particulates down to 0. Confirm the correct filter is attached, (providing an equivalent protection factor to FFP3) 2. Condition is Used. 6 or 7 cubic feet per minute.

Strategic component distribution ensures optimum center of gravity for balance and comfort. Features: Two filters in each pack; replaces both filters in the AirShield Pro. You carry the power bank in your pocket or on the belt.

Using the power visor against harmful substances may result in sickness or death. · Trend Airshield Pro Respirator AIR/PRO (see contents below). What is trend airshield pro air circulating face shield? The Trend Airshield Pro is a fully protected powered respirator for use with all woodworking applications. What is trend airshield? Attachment points for optional ear defenders. Warning The TREND AIRSHIELD PRO is not a RESPIRATOR nor a NIOSH approved device.

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